Freedom Apothecary

Custom Shopify Website Design & Development
Beauty, Skincare, Wellness
Freedom Apothecary is a holistic wellness brand that operates both an e-commerce store and a brick-and-mortar location in New Orleans offering beauty & wellness services to its local customers.

When Morrisa Jenkins, the founder of Freedom Apothecary, reached out to us, our collaboration began with a website audit. We uncovered areas of improvements for their existing digital shopping experience, which include a strategic revamp of the navigation and sort/filter system and also showcasing their key unique selling points and product offerings.

While the website has a good foundation in terms of a strong brand identity, we took that further by elevating the founder’s narrative and focused on educating the customers about the array of brands housed on the website and their unique values in the clean beauty journey.


Indie / Clean / Wellness / Community / Radiant

When we started working with Freedom Apothecary, the main objective was to grow their online e-commerce side of the business. The previous site’s design no longer felt aligned with their vision, it was difficult to navigate and key product offerings were hard to find. We also wanted to seamless integrate their in-store services and product offerings to the online shopping experience as well.

Given the client’s unique needs in terms of organizing a large product catalog and more custom functionalities such as build a bundle and subscriptions, we decided to completely uplevel their website with a custom Shopify design and development that will help them stand out in the industry.


Freedom Apothecary carries nearly 80 brands in their store and we wanted to tell more of the brand story and unique value propositions by building a custom dynamic collection page for each brand.
On the homepage, we added new sections to highlight key offerings that were difficult to find on the old site, including Freedom Apothecary’s own branded product line, its rewards program and the blend bar offering.
We designed an interactive Brand Directory page to showcase the variety of brands that Freedom Apothecary carries. The hero section features a custom animation banner and we created an A-Z brand directory for customers to easily find browse the various brands.
The Journal page has a custom featured blog post section and each blog post turns from black-and-white to color on hover. On each blog post, the client can also highlight key featured products as well.
We built a custom page and setup a build a custom box workflow for Freedom’s Blend Bar products. Customer can select certain ingredients and create their own Blend Bar mix.

“Do it! It was worth it. Nics is very knowledgeable and picked up our branding and executed my vision for the website from start to finish. I love the website’s simplistic yet beautiful designs.”

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